Tina's secret recipe for healing dry, chapped lips

If you’re suffering from chapped lips this winter, you’re not alone. This common condition affects everyone at one time or another, particularly in the wintertime.

Our instinct is to lick the lips to add a little moisture, but since our saliva contains enzymes that help us start the digestion process, it only ends up making the problem worse. Using lip balm is one way to get a bit of relief, but…

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5 Tips for more hydrated winter skin

Autumn has arrived, and while we in the Northwest are welcoming the wettest season of our year, the moisture in our skin is starting to evaporate and will become drier and drier as winter approaches. Due to the increased use of artificial, forced-air heat that we begin to rely on this time of year and the natural inclination to hop into a hot shower to warm up, our skin is set to become as dry and brittle as the leaves crunching underfoot.

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Chemical vs. physical sunscreen- which one is better?

There are a million options when looking at sunscreens. Different formulations, tons of brands, and lots of hype. Most people just grab something convenient that seems to resonate with their beliefs, what they've read online or heard from friends, while a lot of people just grab whatever is on sale at the drugstore. 

No matter which one of these best describes you, I'm willing to bet you still have questions regarding which SPF will work best for you, what ingredients to look for, and the basic differences between mineral and chemical sunscreen. So let's start there...

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