Lash Lift


This is a chemical service that takes 30-45 minutes and leaves your lashes softly curled and fuller looking for 4-8 weeks. 

This is a great alternative to lash extensions, or it can be done before lash extensions for those with extremely straight lashes.

Contact wearers must avoid using their contacts for 48 hours after this service. Not recommended for those with sensitive or watery eyes.


Enhance your lashes and brows with a custom blended tint.  We offer a range of color options, and will recommend the appropriate shade for you. 

Tints can last for up to 4 weeks depending on your sun exposure level and skincare regime ingredients. 

Brow Tint


Lash Tint


Brow Henna

This natural tint leaves a soft, powdered effect on the brows. If you've ever considered microblading but don't want to commit to a tattoo, this is a beautiful, semi-permanent alternative that can last for weeks.