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WOW!!! I have only ever done home waxing with friends and decided it was finally time to get a professional wax. I started small, with my underarms, since I’ve never experienced hard wax before and wanted to try it out. I was so impressed with PowerSpa. Overall the wax was as close to painless as I think is possible when ripping your hair out, and I am a couple hours out from the appointment with absolutely no irritation or redness.
-Melissa H.
— Yelp
My Mediterranean heritage is kicking in and it is only a matter of time before my brows fully resemble those of Thufir Hawat from “Dune.” As a man, nothing terrifies me more-aside from my impending heritage look-than to let an aesthetician turn my brows into a “perfect” arch that would look great on a drag queen or any male cast member from “The Jersey Shore.” Thank everyone’s gods for Tina and her waxing prowess. My first appointment included a consultation, and the wax treatment was very relaxing. In a matter of minutes, my brows went from “oh dear god” to “oh my god!” I would send anyone I know to Tina for brow waxing, especially any guy that wants brows that look natural—though I suspect she could turn. it. out. for Boy George.
-James E.
— Yelp
It just plain impossible finding someone who is good at male eyebrows. Either you turn out looking like a cancer patient or a hoochie. Tina at Powerspa made my eyebrows look strong and softer at the same time. I have thick, dark hair and after a visit, I’m as approachable as a puppy. Thanks Tina and Powerspa!
-Paul C.
— Google